Early musical stimulation

The age range between birth and 3 years is essential for musical stimulation at the neuronal level. At birth, all neurons destined to the auditory or musical sense are “available” to create their connections. And until they reach the age of three, these connections will be made or not depending on the stimulation they receive. For this reason, the musical information received by the child will condition his future -musically speaking-.

Why music

Music is not a strange or intellectual language. It is an innate language, and the teacher, the parents and the environment interact with the child taking out the musician inside. It is about taking advantage of this innate ability to express oneself through this language that is music. Other aspects that will benefit in addition to auditory perception will be, for example, emotional intelligence, sociability, psychomotor skills, self-perception and self-confidence, coordination, spatial intelligence, the ability to be patient and work in groups, and as a culminating and main element, creativity. Thanks to this, solving problems in any area of ​​adult life may become easier.

The sessions

Musical wealth is fundamental. In the sessions both children and parents are educated, so that they in turn know how to create the musical environment in their home, taking advantage of the evolutionary moment. Materials and resources are provided, and the stage of each baby and their evolution is monitored. If the child has any deficiency or disability, the importance of this type of activity increases, where each skill they learn will be crucial.


Born in Ibiza (Balearic Islands), she has a degree in Music Education (University of Alicante, 2003) and a Higher Degree in Lyric Canto (Conservatorio del Liceo, 2012). She has studied piano, music pedagogy, history and music sciences, choral conducting and early music. Her work experience covers a variety of fields, from early childhood to the university environment. She obtains the Certification of an Early Music Education teacher by the Gordon Institute with the best grades.